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In consequence of the rapidly developing information technology, activities and effects of mass communication in the process of information transfer and enhancement of the awareness of public have been rapidly increasing. Audiovisual communication has an active role on the learning process, thus it has the power to reach large masses very rapidly through especially television, radio, cinema and other cognitive environments. Therefore, individuals who will participate in these sectors need to be educated in a way that they will be competent to consider the matters critically, to design and produce effective products; informed about new communication technologies; and devoted to professional ethics.

The Department aims to prepare an academic substructure that supports creativity, as well as to educate individuals who will take part in effective mass communication such as radio, television, cinema through its philosophy of applied education. It provides fields of study where students can combine theoretical knowledge with application. The Department, with its academic staff of experienced academicians and leading professionals from the sector and its well equipped studios, aims to enable its students to discover their professional and artistic creativeness. Education program of the Department is also supported by intensive foreign language courses with the thought that its graduates can work everywhere in the world.