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Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics (English)

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Studies in the field of Molecular Biology and Genetics gained importance with DNA studies in 1953 and accelerated via developments in technology and methods in 1980s and the “Human Genome Project” in 2000s. Fields of study of Molecular Biology and Genetics include: hereditary diseases; analysis of molecular pathology of complicated diseases like cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and diabetes which affect many people in our day; pharmagenetic; development of the methods of personal treatment and gene therapy in treatment procedures; development of living beings; use of bacteria and ferments in biotechnology; biological systems; analysis of genetics of species through bioinformatic methods.

Istanbul Arel University Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics aims to train expert personnel who are well-educated in the field of molecular biology and genetics which is increasingly being required in the developing world in different fields like medicine, agriculture, industry; who can resolve problems, make innovations; and who can study independently. Students have the opportunity to apply and improve their theoretical knowledge through the laboratory training they receive during their undergraduate education in addition to the internship they do in summer period.

Working Areas

The graduates, with the knowledge and experience they acquired during their education, can easily find job opportunities such as in industrial establishments (biomedical, biotechnology), genetic diagnosis centers and tube baby centers. By means of the foreign language education they had in university, the graduates can follow scientific developments at international level and they have opportunities for graduate education, internship and work in international fields.