Financial Affairs Office

Merit Scholarship

Istanbul Arel University offers merit scholarships to successful students. Students who rank in the first 10,000 in terms of GPA (excluding grades in language courses) and who graduated with a GPA of at least 3.50 may take a master's degree from Istanbul Arel University free of charge. (on the condition that they start subsequent to the term of graduation, fulfill the qualifications in accordance with the post graduate admission requirements and there are programes deemed appropriate by the University Management).

While a double major is not free of charge at Istanbul Arel University, students who are placed in full scholarship programs by the Student Selection and Placement Centre and whose GPA is 3.50 and above) do not pay a fee for double major programes. Scholarships are not interrupted during interdepartmental and programe-to-programe undergraduate transfer operations at Istanbul Arel University for the students who are placed in full, 50 % and 25% scholarship programes by the Selection and Placement Centre and whose GPAs are 3.50 and above.