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Dear Students, 

Making positive contributions to the living in Turkey and the world is among our University’s most important aims. Two of the ways that our University makes positive contributions to the world are; doing distinctive scientific researches and educating good scientists. Institutes, and certainly Institute of Sciences are foundations that perform these functions.
Within the body of our Institute there are Department of Industrial Engineering, Department of Electrical-Electronics Engineering, Department of Computer Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Architecture, Department of Interior Architecture, Department of Industrial Product Design, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Department of Nursing, Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. 

Aim of our Institute is to provide broad opportunities for our students who will have important professional positions, carry out distinctive researches, make discoveries, create patents in the fields of science, engineering and health in our country and the world. To succeed in our aim, we will work with full effort.

We, as Istanbul Arel University, have started out to have the highest place in postgraduate education which is a crucial educational part of university life. We have the opportunity, capacity, ability and confidence necessary to achieve this aim. We will be honored to see you among us. 

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Mete TAPAN
Directorate of Institute of Sciences

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