Institute of Social Sciences


Our mission is to raise instructors who have the skill and talent about scientific research and analytical thinking in field of social sciences, can understand and interpret technological, social and cultural changes, also create solutions to the problems. We aim to contribute to scientific developments and business life by educating skillful people.

Our vision is to be one of the leading Institutes of Social Sciences in national and international platform by making improvements in education programs. The another aim of our Institute is creating an atmosphere in which cooperation of university-graduate student is strong, efforts and aims of academic member-personnel are supported and also cooperation with business life is developed.

Quality Policy
Providing a high quality education is our first goal and other essentials about our policy are;

  • Producing global information and developing scientific activities by remaining loyal to our university’s basic values,
  • Providing support and administrative employment to educate individuals who can use modern, scientific knowledge innovatively,
  • Creating a structure that efforts of academic members and administrative personnels are supported,
  • To be respectful to academic member and students’ rights and to be trustworthy,
  • Optimizing the quality management system conditions constantly.