International Office

Associate Degree or Undergraduate Programs - Registration

Necessary Documents for Registration

  • Notarized copy of high school diploma and its notarized Turkish translation (“Equivalence Certificate” which proves that the applicant’s diploma is equivalent to Turkish high school diplomas will be required in the registration period. “Equivalence Certificate” can be obtained from T.R. Ministry of National Education -upon request, help will be provided by the University in Istanbul- or from the Turkish Embassy in the applicant’s country.)
  • Official transcript – Official transcript which shows the applicant’s high school courses and grades must be certified by the High School Headship and submitted to the University in a sealed envelope. If the original transcript is not in Turkish, a translated (to Turkish) and notarized copy of it must be submitted together with the original transcript.
  • Applicants should provide and submit the record of the internationally acknowledged exam held in their country. If the applicant does not have such an exam record, he/she should pass AREL General Skill Test.
  • Student visa obtained from the Turkish Embassy/Consulate General in the student’s country
  • Notarized copy of passport
  • 8 photos