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The purpose of this program is to meet the need for staff who are equipped with practical knowledge necessary for the customs legislation and regulations, practical information of foreign trade and exchange. Since the most of our foreign trade is a major part of European Union member countries, during the two-year program period, studens learn how to adapt to EU legislation in the process of harmonization and integration. 

Having graduated from this program, students can work in foreign trade enterprises, and foreign exchange departments of banks, in the EU representative offices, customs brokers, transport companies. If they receive grade B in the the special exam given by government, can work with the title "Customs Counselor Assistant” in sector.

The graduates also have the right to continue their four- year undergraduate education in the departments such as of the European Union Relations, Banking and Insurance, Banking and Finance, Labor Economics and Industrial Relations, Economics and Finance, Economics, Business Administration, Business Information Management, the Logistics Management, Capital Markets, International Finance, International Relations and the European Union, International Business, International Trade, International Trade and Finance, International Trade and Business.