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Founding Foundation
Founding Foundation
Founding Foundation

Brief History of Arel University

Kemal Gözükara Education and Culture Foundation which is the founding foundation of Istanbul Arel University was founded on the date of 14/09/1999 in order to cultivate people who can combine the national and universal values in today’s globalized world, meet the expectations of the society, who are loyal to the values of the republic, democratic and libertarian, who tend to research, produce and create. For this purpose, Istanbul Arel University was founded with the initiatives of the foundation on 09.05.2007 and with the Law No.2809/5656 – Annex 76 and published on the Official Gazette no 26526 on the date of 18th of May 2007.

At the first stage, our university which commenced its education services in Küçükçekme-Sefaköy campus grew very fast. Upon the completion of Büyükçekmece-Tepekent Campus in 2010, the units where undergraduate education is provided were moved to Tepekent Campus. Vocational schools and Institutes continued their education services in Sefaköy campus. Sefaköy campus containing 16.149 m2 space is located in a central spot on E5 Highway and has 80 smart classrooms, 6 lecture halls, project halls, Radio Station & Television Studio, laboratories, ateliers, a library, conference halls and a cafeteria.

Thanks to the locations of the campuses, Istanbul Arel University is both central and spacious in terms of the campuses. Cevizlibağ Campus, founded during the academic year 2019-2020, is also a good example regarding its location. In the campus possessing School of Health Science and the Faculty of Medicine; 2000 m2 area covers basic medical laboratories, nutrition and dietetics laboratories, physiotherapy laboratories, and enzyme research laboratories many other high-tech laboratories operating as undergraduate level related to health within 18.000 m2 indoor and outdoor space.

The name of Tepekent Campus, located in the suburbs of the zone Tepekent was changed into Kemal Gözükara Campus with the senate’s decree on the year 2018. In Kemal Gözükara Campus, having 50.880 m2 indoor space, in the west of Büyükçekmece Lake we have;


  • The education building bearing the capacity of providing education for 7.500 students with 300 smart classrooms and lecture halls in different sizes,
  • Technology and Engineering Center called ArelTech Center
  • Polymer and Composite Materials Research Center,
  • Technology Transfer Center,
  • Laboratories for interpreting and translation technologies
  • Molecular biology, genetics and chemistry laboratories
  • Library, conference hall, cafeterias, fitness centers having half olympic swimming pool and various sports areas and student houses right in the nature.


The realization process of our project named Arel Park, 4000 m2 area as a living space for students is still in progress. Within the scope of Arel Park project; the following facilities will be available: grass amphitheatre with capacity of 10.000 people placed across hundreds of natural trees, football stadium, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, mini golf course, cafeterias and food courts, walking and running track with 10 km space, cycle routes, football turfs, parking lots, ponds, arbour and picnic areas.