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Kayıt Yenileme İşlemleri Hk.
Kayıt Yenileme İşlemleri Hk.
Kayıt Yenileme İşlemleri Hk.

Re-Registration Process

2021-2022 Acedemic Year Re-Registration will continue till 01.10.2021. Process of Re-Registration specifies with details below;  

  • 2021-2022 Acedemic Year will start  4.10.2021. You can visit to check Academic Calendar.  
  • Before doing your registration, you have to complete the financial registration process.  
  • You have to complete your  the financial registration process from  
  • You can make your payment as USD currency from the bank with the IBAN numbers of our University given below.
  • Your financial registration process will be completed after personnel in charge  views and gives approval.  
  • You can follow the procces of mail approval via  
  • If you have any problem related to finacial registration  process, you can send mail to or . 

We wish you success.