Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Dear Students,

Prof. Dr. Hasret ÇOMAK

In today’s world, where rapid changes and developments often take place and affect every part of the community life, information management has become quite important. Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences aims to educate its students in accordance with this vision.

Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences provides education with its experienced, qualified academic staff, modern education program and strong cooperation with business world in six bachelor’s degree programs in its four Departments as Department of Business Administration (Turkish and English), Department of International Relations (Turkish and English), Department of International Trade and Finance (English), and Department of Political Science and Public Administration (Turkish).

Department of Business Administration aims to educate its students for business world and science world as individuals who have comprehended the change created by information technologies and its effects on business administration, and who have the objective to continuously improve themselves. The Department also provides its students with the opportunity to get a second diploma from Departments of Banking and Finance, International Logistics and Transportation or International Relations via the Double Major Program. And via the Minor Program, students can study in another field that they’re interested in, in addition to their own field and get a Minor Certificate, by this way they can take their places in the business world as more equipped and qualified individuals.During their education, our students benefit from the knowledge and experience of administrators from various sectors. They also do internship which enables them to know better about business life, and their relation with business life gets closer with their graduation projects. 

Department of International Relations has both an English and a Turkish education program. It aims to educate its students as individuals who have the abilities of thinking analytical and producing solutions; and who have strong background in international politics, diplomacy, security, economy and law. The Department’s education program enables our students to evaluate political, juridical, economic and social effects that shape international relations today.Department of International Relations, with its expert academic staff, encourages its students’ active participation in national and international researches, conferences and projects. It also aims to make difference for its students via its Double Major and Minor Programs in Departments of Business Administration, Banking and Finance, International Logistics and Transportation.

We are giving education with the mission to enable our students achieve their professional objectives, with our qualified academic staff and programs.