Sports Centre

Fitness Rules

These rules are established to provide that you do fitness in a healthy and comfortable environment. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

  • Necessarily have towel with you when using the Fitness Center.
  • Do not use the Fitness Center without wearing a sportswear.
  • If there’re people awaiting their turn while you’re using cardio machines, fixed equipment or free weights, do not occupy the equipment/tools for a long time. Allow others to make use of the equipment/tools or use them by turns.
  • If you notice any irregularity, defect or safety-critical situation regarding the equipments/tools you use, inform the fitness trainer without delay.
  • Do not use the Fitness Center unconsciously or casually. Use the Fitness Center by making an appointment with the fitness trainer, and follow an exercise program that’s appropriate for you.
  • After completing your exercises, do not forget to put your program card in your file.
  • Do not bring along anything to the Fitness Center except for water and energy drinks.

While using the cardio machines;

  • Do not occupy the cardio machines for longer than 30 minutes in the peak hours of the Fitness Center.
  • Using cell phone on or near the cardio machines is dangerous and prohibited.
  • Before starting to exercise on a treadmill, first step on the sides of the machine (not the belt) and wait until the running belt turns two rounds.

While using the free weights;

  • Get help from the fitness trainer.
  • Immediately after you complete your exercises with free weights, put them into their places.
  • Do not put the dumbbells and plates on tables or other equipment.
  • Do not throw the free weights, dumbbells and plates onto the floor.