Student Accommodation

Collective Living

Living in a villa dormitory is a rewarding experience that contributes to personal development among many other things. In order to minimize the problems in collective living and to provide that all the resident students have a good experience, it’s necessary that all the residents treat each other well and follow a set of basic principles. All the resident students in Villa Dormitories are expected to behave in accordance with the below mentioned attitudes: 

Civility: Treating each other with kindness and courtesy. Using good manners. Being a good neighbour. Abstaining from disorderly conduct and disturbing others.

Respect: Treating each other in a way that values each person’s worth, even if you dislike or disagree with them. Considering how your words and behaviours will impact the others around you. Being attentive. Respecting and not violating the rights of others.

Communication: Listening; asking questions; seeking to understand others; abstaining from prejudice and judgement. Establishing an open and honest communication.

Inclusion: Helping others participate. Getting to know others by communicating with them rather than making assumptions based on appearance or stereotypes.

Participation: Being willing to engage. Having conversations. Benefiting from being a member of a vibrant and diverse community. Benefiting from social opportunities.