Student Accommodation


One of the most pleasant and memorable aspects of dormitory life is sharing your life with someone who goes through the same things you do: your roommate.

Living with a roommate is the opportunity to have someone to start and end the day together, to engage in conversation and laughter, to share experiences, ideas, feelings and to build a lifelong relationship. Although naturally some issues may arise between roommates during the course of a year, most roommates get along very well and have a positive, beneficial relationship. 

Roommate Matching

Roommates are matched based on the students’ answers on the Villa Dormitories Application Form. Thus, it’s very important that you answer the questions on the Application Form about your life style and special interests mindfully and honestly. If you later want to make changes in your answers or preferences you stated on your Application Form, you can do so by submitting a Profile Change Request Form.

Requesting A Specific Roommate

You can request a specific roommate simply by stating the name and student ID number of that student on your Villa Dormitories Application Form. You also both need to list the same special interests in the same order of preference. Applicants who request each other are matched as roommates.