Student Accommodation

Check Out

Checking Out

You are required to check out of your dormitory by the closure of the Dormitories.
No extensions beyond the Dormitory Contract expiration date will be granted. The only exception is for graduating students.

Please make travel and late stay arrangements as early as possible. 


Please remember to watch your property when you are packing your belongings.
Do not load your car with valuables and leave it unattended overnight.

Please keep your doors locked.


If room damage was not noted on your Property and Room Condition Report at the time of your check-in, it is considered your liability, and you will be charged for it, unless you can prove otherwise. Any charges for damage or cleaning in a common area will be divided equally among all students in the floor or the dormitory. Additional cleaning and damage charges may be assessed after checkout.


Please review the cleaning requirements for check-out carefully and talk to your roommate to work out a fair and equitable cleaning arrangement.

Successful Checkout

It is important to note that these procedures are part of your contract and that failure to follow through with these procedures may result in an improper check-out fine as well as charges for cleaning, missing keys/furniture, and damaged property.

Once a roommate has cleaned his/her agreed areas and has been successfully checked out by a dormitory staff member, it is the responsibility of the remaining roommate to keep the area clean. If the remaining roommate messes up a checked area and fails to clean it, s/he will incur the cleaning charge. Each person is responsible for removing all personal belongings and trash from their room.

Check Out List

  • Make an appointment with your Dormitory Manager for a checkout date and time.
  • Bring all trash and recycling to designated areas. Do not leave trash in the dormitories or other public areas.
  • Remove all personal belongings. (Check the room, bathroom, laundry areas, drawers).
  • Remove all decorations from walls, windows, mirrors, and doors.
  • Be sure all residence hall furnishings (including beds, recycling bins, bookcases, desk chairs, etc.) are accounted for and left in the room. All furnishings must be reassembled if they were disassembled.
  • Return room, hall or common area inventory, i.e. furniture or vacuums, etc.
  • Restore your room to the condition it was when you checked in, including moving furniture if needed.
  • Meet with your Dormitory Manager for your checkout appointment, sign off on your Room Condition Report (be sure to write your forwarding address on the Room Condition Report) and hand in your keys.