Student Accommodation

Summer Storage

Current resident students returning to the villa dormitories for the next academic year can store some of their belongings at the university to avoid taking home more than necessary. Summer storage is offered only to students who are still living in the villa dormitories during finals week in June, and who have reserved a space in the villa dormitories for the following academic year. Students' room reservations will be checked when they store their luggage.

Although every security effort will be made, the university will not be responsible for articles lost, stolen, or damaged while in storage. Therefore, students should carry their own insurance on the items they store. Some may already have coverage through an insurance policy. Items of special value to students should not be stored with the university during the summer.

In order to maintain the best possible security, once the summer storage room locks in June, it will not be opened again until the dormitories open in September. This means that students will not be able to pick up items during the summer, so they should pack carefully.

Any items not picked up will be disposed of after one year, and students will be charged a disposal fee.

Students' boxes or luggage must be locked or securely wrapped and tied. Students must show complete name, forwarding address, and student ID number on each item as well as on the storage agreement provided by University Dormitories Administration.

The minimum charge is 50 TL for one item or 1 m3 of space and 10 TL per m3 of space over the initial 1 m3. If a wardrobe trunk is larger than 1 m3, the minimum charge will apply, providing it is the only parcel checked. Bicycles will be counted as one item.

When residents store their items, they will be given a form describing the items stored and the charge for storage. The charge will be billed to the student's university account. A copy of the form will also be available in the fall when students pick up their belongings.