Vocational School

Dear Students,

The main aim of Istanbul Arel University Vocational School is to raise intermediate staff who are fully-equipped, well-trained in their fields, has sufficient knowledge and skills in “vocational and technical” fields, follows technological developments, can use their theoretical and practical knowledge all together for industry and service sectors in our country. Qualified employee in their sectors is the most important factor for country development. Its existence provides that resources are used efficiently in economy. The most important deficiency in our country is “qualified intermediate staff” in sectors. Accordingly, Our Vocational School carries out education and training activity with 22 departments and 60 programmes in the face of market’s demands as daytime and evening education.

In addition to our own academic staff, we benefit from Instructors who are experienced in their branch and coming from sectors. With the purpose of being educated in practice, the circumstance of doing compulsory internship for every student is provided by Istanbul Arel University Career Planning, Application and Research Center (ARELKAM). Thus, our respectful youngsters who internalise main concepts and principles of their admired occupations, have self-learning ability for new technics, provide solutions, can do teamwork, are entrepreneur and well-educated, show respect for social and ethical values, find jobs related to their occupations or set up their own business.

Our School trains personnel for Health Sector, Service Sector and Technical Sector. Also there are Vocational School Programmes such as “Civil Aviation Management Programme” and “Civil Aviation and Cabinet Services Programme” for students who want to work in civil aviation management field. Our University has obtained authorization for arrangement of certification training authority in cooperation with The Directorate General of Civil Aviation and our University is one of the first 3 Higher Education Institution which is authorized for this field in Turkey.

On the other hand, our students who want to complete their related undergraduate education achieve a great success in External Transfer Exam (DGS). Istanbul Arel University supports own students from Vocational School for undergraduate education and grant %50 reduction to them after winning this exam.

Istanbul Arel University Vocational School adopts developing knowledge of foreign language as principle of our students within the frame of our university’s policy of general foreign language. For that purpose, English Preparatory Training is given chance for our students who ask for it. Also compulsory English courses are given to our students to enhance their knowledge of foreign language in professional field for 2 years.

Our Vocational School opens door to all young people who want to go into a career and have vocational technical knowledge with daytime and evening education programmes.

Phd. Lecturer Esra AYDIN GÖKTEPE